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EF200 Flat Frame Executive Screen Filter
EF200 (Flat Frame)
ISO 9241-7 Compliance

VDT Glare Reduction

Vikuiti™ & 3M™ Display Enhancement Products
3M Midnight Black or Grey Executive Screen Filters (EFB and EF)
NEW - Colour Co-ordinated Anti-Glare and Anti-Radiation Screen Protection Filter in Midnight Black.

Professional Quality, 2 Sided High Performance, Anti-Reflective Coating featuring Optimised Medium Tint Contrast Enhancement.

Enhances both LCD/TFT and CRT (Tube) Display Performance with ISO 9241-7 Compliance.

Monitor and Filter Test Information available on Request.

Upto 99% Reduction in Screen Glare helps prevent Eye Strain or Visual Fatigue and Headaches related to Computer Screen use
Enhances Contrast, Makes Text Clearer and Sharper
Complete with both Flat Screen Mountings and Assembly Free Height Adjustable hangers for CRT Monitors
The New Midnight Black EF Flat Frame and Grey EF Flat Frame are also available as Privacy Filters.

VikuitiTM Display Enhancement products harness the power of light and optimise the optical performance of electronic display screens and features in all 3M Display Screen Products.

Ask about On-Site Trials, Quantity and Contract Requirements.
To find out how 3M Executive Screen Filters can help you, call us on +44 (0) 1993 881912 or use the Enquiry Form, or to buy on-line click here.
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