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Ergonomic Mouse Range

Ergonomic mice offer comfort to mouse users and help combat the effects of RSI, CTS and other wrist, arm and shoulder related conditions. Part of achieving a good workstation posture can include the provision of an ergonomic mouse.

Evoluent Vertical Mouse


The Evoluent Vertical Mouse offers both Left and Right Handed users an Ergonomic open handed vertical mousing solution for improved comfort and to help combat RSI and CTS conditions

A handshake posture helps reduce wrist pain and arm discomfort by reducing forearm twist

Adjustable dpi speed option changes pointer tracking sensitivity

Wireless Evoluent Mouse Version offered in Right Handed Model

More Information on Evoluent Vertical Mouse

3m Vertical Mouse


3M™ Vertical Ergonomic Mouse offers a Joystick type grip of Vertical Mouse design

Scroll Button located on the top for comfort and ease of operation. Users gently wrap their fingers around the joystick and the palm rest supports the hand

Available in both medium and large size

More Information on 3M Mouse

Grip Mouse


Grip mouse provides right handed users with a 45 degree mousing grip around which the hand curves into it's contour moulded shape requiring minimal pressure to manovure

Scroll wheel is incorporated into the mouse between the fore and middle finger position


More Information on Grip Vertical Mouse

Switch Mouse


Switch Mouse by Humanscale has an extendable base making it suitable for a range of hand sizes

Incorporated in the design is a unique navigation dish for selection and scroll functions

The underside is bevelled in a V shape and able to be used both left handed and right handed at a small leaning angle providing wrist comfort and making this an ambidextrous mouse

More Information on Switch Mouse



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