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Evoluent Vertical Mouse 3 Rev 2 Right Handed

Evoluent advanced third generation of the original 'handshake grip' mouse.
Patented shape supports your hand in an upright handshaking position which eliminates uncomfortable twisting of the forarm.

Right handed version boasts up to 2600dpi with a revised and enhanced shape developed to suit a wider range of hand sizes with a small lip at the bottom, preventing your little finger from contact with the desk.

Evoluent Vertical Mouse 3 Wireless Right Handed

New wireless version available with compact wireless USB receiver and 2 AA batteries.

1200dpi optical resolution enables reduced hand movement when compared to other wireless mice which helps minimise repetitive strain whilst mousing.

Offers ergonomic cableless mousing with a range of up to 30 feet.

Evoluent Vertical Mouse 2 Left Handed

Evoluent Vertical Mouse is available to suit Left Handed users with the current Version 2 offering 1200dpi optical resolution.

Comfortable and natural open handed mousing posture for left handed users.

Hand grip similar to that of a conventional ordinary mouse but the Evoluent Mouse is held in an alternative natural plane aiding hand and forearm comfort.

With an ordinary mouse your forearm is twisted away from it's natural position and can lead to conditions such as carpel tunnel syndrome (CTS) or repetitive strain injury (RSI)

Infrared sensor of Avago 3080 gaming grading accurately tracks movement over many more surfaces than an average laser sensor mouse.

Rev 2 also offers an adjustable pointer speed for multi purpose tracking or enhanced tracking with speeds of 2600, 1800, 1300 and 800 dpi available.

Feature set available easily matches and can exceed that of most ordinary mice with 5 light and easy clicking multi programmable buttons. Can be use either with or without the specific software driver supplied.

Lift the Evoluent mouse and reposition it without the pointer moving by tilting the mouse slightly before moving.

Special functions for XP & Vista32 users include a speed toggle for changing pointer speed, auto-click time delay, adjustment for simulating double clicks and an audio or visual alert to remind you to take a break.

Price Guide:      
£ unit price 1-4 (+vat)
£ unit price 5-9 (+vat)
£ unit price 10+ (+vat)
Right Handed VM3R2-RSB
Right Handed Wireless VM3W-RSB
Left Handed VM2-LSB
To find out how the Evoluent mouse can help you, call us on +44 (0) 1993 881912 or use the Enquiry Form
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