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GlareGuard Filter - the solution in the fight against glare

Eyecare Awareness


Awareness of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) caused through display screen use is a real everyday risk for every display screen user.

Regular eye tests and workstation assessment together with screen positioning and display screen enhancement to improve image sharpness, stability and contrast enhancement of the displayed information will help minimise risks of visual fatigue.

Left untreated, CVS can impact vision and productivity, reducing the benefits of computer technology. Fortunately, 3M Executive Filter and GlareGuard Filter offer the best solutions in the fight against glare.

What is Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)?
Why is GlareGuard Filter the 'ultimate viewing system'?

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More Eyecare and Computer Accessories
The positioning of the display screen (VDU/CRT/LCD/TFT/Flat Screen) by getting the screen height and eye to screen distance is important. Monitor risers, height adjustable monitor arms and computer furniture of suitable dimensions and adjustability are also important considerations in workstation arrangements.

The relative position of document to both the screen and the user must also be understood to help minimise CVS, RSI, neck and back pain.

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