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Ergonomic computer accessories to minimise Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

HandCare Palm & Forearm Supports

Good workstation posture and comfort is needed to help insure effective levels of palm and forearm support are achieved. It is wise to avoid wrist support that may restrict blood flow. Computer accessories including Mouse and Keyboard products incorporate palm supports while separate palm and forearm products may be required to assist individuals.

Selecting the correct ergonomic computer accessories will help to minimise Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) caused through poor workstation ergonomics and posture.

Anir™ Vertical Mouse
Only the Anir™ Vertical ergonomic mouse has been granted a Patent for safety. Designed by a former carpal tunnel disorder sufferer to help eliminate discomfort in using a conventional mouse. Using the hand in the vertical plane and gripping the joystick or vertical mouse requires significantly less muscular effort. While thousands and thousands of users, numerous scientists and the US Patent Office believe the Anir™ Vertical Mouse is a significant advance in safer design , no design protects the user who uses the product incorrectly and ignores early signs of discomfort. The Anir™ Vertical Mouse can be used as a preventative solution or may assist sufferers to regain the use of their PC and even retain their employment and career. Available in Small/Medium Size or Large Size and Wired or Wireless Models.
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3M™ Ergonomic Renaissance™ Optical Mouse
3M Ergonomic Renaissance Optical Mouse is a new ergonomically designed input device that helps reduce stress to the nerve in the carpal tunnel and to the muscles in the user's arm. It has also been shown in clinical trials to reduce discomfort for computer users, and encourage correct sitting posture.
Available in Small/Medium Size or Large Size and Wired or Wireless Models.
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Evoluent Vertical Mouse

Evoluent mouse has a patented ergonomic shape held in a handshake position. This results in minimal forarm twist during use. Left and right handed versions are available plus Wireless Model. The universal shape suits most hand sizes.

Grip Mouse

Grip mouse offers an ergonomically designed shape with a 45 degree hand grip. An alternative Vertical Grip Mouse available in wired and wireless models.

Whale Mouse

Whale mouse has been designed with a unique adjustable palm rest body which can be extended up to 38mm to accurately fit a wide range of hand sizes. It's shape is ambidextrous to suit both left and right handed users.

Grip Mouse

Grip Mouse

Switch Mouse

Switch Mouse superceeds the Whale Mouse and is Adjustable to suit a wide range of hand sizes. It is also Ambedextrous and can be set-up to be left hand biased, right hand biased or left free to float in a nautral mode parallel to the desk.

Humanscale Switch Mouse

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Ergonomic Keyboards

Fujitsu Butterfly Keyboard
Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000
Maltron Ergonomic Keyboard

Adjustable Split keyboard for straight or delta formation with banked height adjustment and palm supports

Microsoft breakthrough natural shaped ergonomic design with inbuild inbuilt cushioned palm rest

A specialist ergonomic keyboard to help relieve RSI, CTS and upper limb disorders

Fujitsu Split Delta Keyboard Microsoft Natural Pro Keyboard Maltron Keyboard

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