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Health & Safety

Poor display screen and IT workstation layout posture and comfort are serious everyday risks for each user of display screen, keyboard and mouse which must be monitored by regular workstation assessments to help prevent health risks such as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) and back pain.

Introduction to IT Ergonomics

Ergonomic IT workstation layout and postural requirements for IT office work with display screens are laid down in ISO 9241-5:1999 which has International, European and British Standard status.

Where practicable this International Standard and other relevant parts form essential reference for designers and purchasers of workstation equipment for office tasks using display screen and IT equipment.

Guidance from ISO 9241 will help promote and enhance performance and comfort while minimising risks to user safety & health. Workplaces are encouraged to adopt a range of postures and encourage movement to help promote comfort and reduce physical, mental and visual problems.

EU Directive 90/270

Focused attention from all display screen users and employers on the importance of Health and Safety requirements for work with display screens and IT workstations.

This EU Directive became law in Europe on 1.1.93 and required full implementation by 1.1.1997, with the liability firmly placed with employers to ensure that the minimum levels for Health and Safety are achieved. This has promoted improved workstation layouts, improved and larger display screens plus a better understanding of health risks to display screen users who may use IT solutions for 10, 20, 30, 50 or more(!!!) years of their working and leisure lives.

Workstation Assessments

Professional Display Screen Users should ensure that regular Workstation Assessments are undertaken by their employers or implementers of the IT Solutions. Where the user carries their own responsibility for Health and Safety they should seek professional assistance on a regular basis in much the same way as you consult a Health Care Professional.


It is important to remember that any ergonomic product is just one element of your working environment; that may help comfort and posture.

Use or overuse of even an ergonomic product may still result in injury. Certain ergonomic trials are based on clinical studies of an individual product and not on the complexity of each working environment. Any use of an ergonomic product is at your own risk.

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