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Switch Mouse

Switch Mouse is a newly designed award winning innovative ergonomic mousing device by Humanscale that is comfortable to use and can help reduce stress to the carpal tunnel nerve and muscle strain in the user's forearm. With it's unique V-shaped base the users wrist and forarm position are resting at a 45 degree angle, known to minimise carpel tunnel pressure.

An integrated palm support in the Humanscale Switch Mouse helps prevent wrist anchoring whereby a user may position their wrist in one place on the worksurface and move the mouse by just swiveling their hand in an arcing motion, increasing stress to the wrist and forearm.

Length adjustability by upto 40mm enables the Switch Mouse to suit most sizes of hand for younger users through to adults with large hands of about 9 or 10cm palm width. It's symmetrical contour shape accommodates both right and left handed users.

Scroll action is delivered by a five button Switch Mouse navigation dish and reduces the risk of tendon disorders caused by the repetitive motion required of scroll wheels.

V-Shaped base for natural angle wrist and forearm positioning
Adjustable length approx 40mm to suit almost any hand size
Integrated Palm rest helps reduce wrist anchoring
USB connectivity with 150cm cable
Resolution @ 800dpi optical scanning technology
Scroll dish for vertical and horizontal navigation at press of a button
Programmable buttons
Windows and Mac OS compatibility



Right Handed User Tilt Clip shown in use
Underside showing optional use Tilt Clip
Left Handed User Tilt Clip shown in use


Price Guide:      
£ unit price 1-4 (+vat)
£ unit price 5-9 (+vat)
£ unit price 10+ (+vat)
Switch Mouse
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