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Workstation Computer Accessories

Ergonomic experts agree that getting the right positioning of the Display Screen (VDU/CRT/Flat Screen) and the relative position of documents is important. To help achieve complete workstation comfort, posture and to minimise risks of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), neck and back pain will often require monitor riser or monitor arms, document holders and other computer accessories.

Achieving an Ergonomically Comfortable Workstation Posture usually requires a degree of adjustability to be present in the key parts of the Workstation so it can be tailored suit the specific requirements of an individual.

Flat Screen Monitor Arms
Flat Screen Monitor Arms


Flat Screen Monitor Arm mounting solutions for screens using VESA 75 and VESA 100 Compliant mountings. Gas-Lift Monitor Arms with instant height and reach adjustability for instantaneous ergonomic screen positioning and increased desk space by removing the need for a monitor stand. Also available in Post Mounted versions and Multi-Screen models. Dual Screen Mounting options available.

Desk, Slotted Rail and Wall fitting options.
Help ensure optimum screen height and screen to eye distance comfort.
More Information on the Flat Screen Monitor Arm Range

Monitor Risers
Le Bloc Monitor Riser Block Solutions


Monitor Riser Solutions offering individual Height Adjustment of Display Screens on single platform desks using Le Bloc and VuRyser products.

Can also help position and organise printers and scanners
Choice of sizes and colours including Black and Grey.

More Information on the Monitor Riser Range

Laptop Risers
Laptop Riser Solutions


Laptop Risers raise the Laptop Screen Viewing Height for more ergonomic use. They help reduce the risk of eye strain, neck and shoulder pain which may result from looking downward onto a Laptop Screen for a period of time.

More Information on the Laptop Riser Range

Ergonomic Keyboards Ergonomic Keyboards


Ergonomic Keyboards offer exceptional user comfort and control.
Microsoft 4000 Ergonomic Keyboard features 14 degree seperation between each side of the keypad.

The Microsoft 2000 Optical Desktop includes a mouse and is a wireless solution. Keyboards with Left Handed Numeric pads are available and seperate numeric USB keypads may be used with any keyboard.

Fujitsu Siemens Butterfly Split Delta Keyboard provides both height and split adjustability in three dimensions and is available with an optional seperate numeric data entry keypad for use on either side.
More Information on the Ergonomic Keyboard Range

Ergonomic Mice
Ergonomic Mice


A Selection of Ergonomic Mice to help ease wrist discomfort and restore comfortable mouse use. Helps relieve CTS and other wrist related conditions

The Evoluent Vertical Mouse Range is available in Left and Right Handed Versions with a Wireless Evoluent mouse offered in the Right Handed Model.

3M™ Vertical Ergonomic Mouse plus Anir™ Ergonomic Mouse offer an alternative vertical mousing position in the form of a Joystick Mouse design. The scroll buttons are located on the top of the grip for comfort.

Humanscale Whale Mouse and Switch Mouse are both ambidextrous length adjustable mice for right and left handed users.

Switchmouse has a unique navigation dish for comfortable button and scroll functions. It's length adjustability makes it suitable for users of all ages and hand size.

Grip mouse offers a 45 degree mousing grip position around which the hand curves into a contour moulded shape.
More Information on the Ergonomic Mice Range

Document Holders
Document HoldersVuRyte, Vision VU and Articulated Gas-Lift Document Holders


VuRyte, Vision VU, 3M and Articulated Gas-Lift document holders.
Free standing A3/A4 and height adjustable copy/document holder.
Also slide-away Copyflex document holder for heavy duty documents, such as medical records and ledgers
More Information on the Document Holder Range

Palm and Forearm Supports
Gel Palm and Forearm Supports


Gel Palm support for Keyboard use and Mouse Mats with built-in palm support can help minimise RSI and CTS.
Forearm supports can help more intensive use by offering larger area of support.
More Information on the Palm and Forearm Support Range

Writing Slopes
Writing Slopes

  An alternative to adjustable tilt writing surfaces for books and ledgers.

Call or use the enquiry form for more information

CPU Holders
CPU Holders


Position the CPU for easy access by fitting Adjustable Under Desk CPU Holders for space saving under the workstation platform mounting. Can be wall mounted.

Choose from Horizontal and Vertical CPU Holders for Tower or Desktop CPU forms. Choice of colours are Silver or Black

Available with Swivel and Slide/Rotate Brackets for increased accessability and an increased range of mounting solutions.

Mobile models also available.
More Information on the CPU Holder Range

Keyboard Arms


Make your Keyboard Height and Tilt Adjustable, fully articulated arm with a slide out mouse platform.

Ideal for Desks where large screens leave too little space for Keyboard or are at the wrong height.

Other models available including Flat Screen Arms with Keyboard/Mouse Tray.
More Information on the Keyboard Arm Range

Footrests - non-slip, height adjustable & tilting

  Non-slip, height adjustable and tilting footrest can be used floating, semi-floating or fixed to suit most users.
More Information on the Footrest Range

Height Adjustable Desks


An Ergonomic Workstation should be Height Adjustable to suit the individual. A primary cause of poor working posture can be related to an incorrect desk height. Physically compensating for an incorrect workstation height may lead to the irritation of RSI CTS, shoulder and back pain conditions.

A Height Adjustable Desk ensures the optimum working height is achieved. Choose from manual setup, crank and power height adjustable alternatives. Height Adjustable Frame only solutions are available enabling the conversion of existing desktops - Please Enquire.

More Information on Height Adjustable Desking

Ergonomic Seating
Ergonomic Seating


Part of an Ergonomic Workstation Arrangement is the seating. A range of ergonomic chairs are available with adjustability to suit a wide spectrum of individuals and personal requirements. Specified to suit the user and usually available for delivery within 7 - 10 days

More Information on Ergonomic Seating

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