Air Compressors used in Manufacturing


With the quick advancement in technology air compressor manufacturers seem to be making revolutionary changes to the early day air compressors. Currently, there are advanced versions of air compressors that effectively meet the requirements of modern-day manufacturing units. Manufacturing is a delicate process that requires good quality air. It is for this reason that most manufacturing units opt for oil-free air compressors thereby eliminating the possibility of contamination during the production phase.

In addition, the new age air compressors tend to use low amounts of energy hence lowering the cost of production. A good number of air compressors used in manufacturing units apply the principle of positive displacement of air. Here are some examples of new technology industrial air compressors used in manufacturing units.

Reciprocating Piston Air Compressors

As the name suggests this type of air pressure is able to achieve its functionality through the use of pistons attached to a crankshaft that is continuously in motion. As the crankshaft pulls the piston back and forth a suction force is created which then sucks air into the cylinders. While in the cylinder the air is again compressed by the reciprocating motion made by the piston. This process leads to the production of air at high pressure after which the cycle is repeated.

Water-Injected Screw air compressors

Instead of using oil as a lubricant this class of air compressors relies on the water both as a coolant and a lubricant. This unique design makes it one of the best air compressors to use in the manufacturing industry. The Polymer ceramic rotors in place are able to move with ease as a result of very low temperatures and little friction in the compression chamber. This, in turn, leads to a near-isothermal compression of the air that is trapped in the chamber.

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Rotary-screw air compressors

Rotary-screw air compressors rely on a pair of helical screws which work in unison. These screws force air into a very small space hence leading to the creation of high pressure. One advantage of this air pressures is that they can produce high volumes of air regardless of the speed in which they are operated. This type of air compressors uses a small amount of oil during the compression process, but the oil is later removed via oil separator cartridges making the air produced to be clean.

Scroll air compressor

The scroll air compressor is rather small but very effective at what it does. It has very few moving parts and this makes it very portable. It is made up of a configuration of two scrolls (spirals) elements in which one is stationary while the other moves eccentrically. This mechanism traps air at the centre of the two scrolls where the air gets compressed and later ejected. Scroll air compressors, however, are recommended for small scale production units.

Centrifugal air compressor

Also known as turbo compressor the Centrifugal air compressor has radial blades that rotate in a circular motion. Through this air is sucked to the centre of the rotating impeller with the help of centrifugal force. The repeat of this process leads to a rise in air pressure within and the creation of kinetic energy, the resulting kinetic energy is also converted to more pressure using a volute or a diffuser. These types of air pressures run at very high speeds so caution should be taken when operating them.

Rotary Vane Compressors

Rotary Vane Compressors use off-centre rotors which turn sliding vanes. The movement of the vanes and the distance of the casing is what creates pressure. As the vanes move closer to the casing the air is compressed. These compressors operate almost the same way as Rotary-screw air compressors and therefore need oil-removal mechanisms to produce clean efficient air.



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