How real can you be as a manager?


Authenticity is often regarded as something people naturally exude, and if this is correct, how do personalities we know are fictional do such an exceptional job of it?

And what can real people, particularly in leadership and management roles, learn from fictional personalities about crafting a real character?

Be consistent — but do not be afraid to grow

Change is natural, yet managers struggle to acknowledge they can learn. The worst case of this can be seen in politicians: blame-shifting, maintaining one’s position when evidence is to the contrary, denying mistakes made, and continuously claiming the high ground.

Know your type

In the workplace, we’re also a type. Professional experiences are often based on thin slices of judgements that stick. Or it could be you are  a “gotta have the last word man”? We’re the architects of our type: indirect experiences, on LinkedIn, and even in the way we walk.

Knowing your type may have an advantage in figuring out how to build yourself in your business, and picking a work environment that is ideal for you. Additionally, it gives others an accessible means to socialise with you until they get to know your entire personality.

Accept your flaws

Pretending to be a better individual has appeal; perfection doesn’t. This is particularly true when faced with our mistakes.

The growth of “corporate psychopaths” signifies the human strategy stands out in stark relief. Having defects is human; recognising those defects and giving yourself room to grow and change publicly makes you an accessible and welcoming manager.

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