How To Make Your Own Pop Socket


Have you seen one of those discs sitting on the back of people’s phones? These are called pop sockets. They are growing significantly in popularity at the moment which is true especially for the younger generations.


What are pop sockets? 

Pop sockets are plastic circles that can attach themselves to phones that are flat or cases via a sticky adhesive that you can reuse. They pop out and end up looking like a mini accordion. They are very easy to remove when needed. These are available in most phone stores, but did you know you can create your own popsocket at home?

Making your own pop socket

If you are looking for a great free DIY idea to make something yourself, perhaps you have you thought about creating a pop socket? This is an easy-to-do idea that you can add to your phone and enjoy every day. Pop sockets are in, trendy and cool, but they can be costly to purchase. You can make as many as you want at home and create all different designs. Here we have a simple idea for how you can create your own pop sockets with a few simple things. All you need is a printer, a plastic bottle and a glue gun. You can even choose the designs you like best. The little homemade phone stand allows you to watch your favourite videos by sitting your phone up and helps to keep your phone off the bench or places like concrete and wet surfaces. This is a great idea and makes for a fun activity on a rainy day or the holidays.

How to do it

All you need to do is cut the top off the plastic bottle (but be careful as the plastic edges can be quite sharp). Now trace the bottle top and draw your own design that is the size of the circle lid or print off some designs from the internet. Now you need to cut the circles out. Using a glue gun, you need to add some glue to the top of the plastic bottle. Take one of your circles you have cut out and press it onto the bottle top and secure with glue. That’s it, you have made a pop socket for your phone!


Are there benefits of having pop sockets?

Better grip

No more dropping and cracking your phone when taking selfies. If you are like me and have a tendency to drop mobile phones, then consider a pop socket so you can easily hold it in a comfortable position where you won’t be at risk of dropping it.

Tangle free headphones

People still use small headphones that come with their mobile phone to listen to music. If you add two pop sockets to the back of your phone you can wrap the headphones around them, so they stay secure and they are not at risk of getting tangled and wrecked.

You might think pop sockets lok a bit silly and can be hard to get used to. Once you have gotten used to them and see how they can come in handy you will wonder how you didn’t get one earlier or make them yourself when you first heard about them.

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