Using a Balanced Skincare Routine

Natural skincare routines (along with healthier lifestyle choices) can help to nourish and repair combo skin to achieve this look of perfection. Unless you have specific skin conditions, a simple, natural skincare routine will keep your skin healthy, protected, and glowing. Those who suffer from dry skin or ageing often see immediate benefits with natural skincare options. That’s where the sense is giving gifts to someone makes a role. You can give beauty Christmas gift sets to those who are struggling with skincare issues. The best dry skin skincare routines usually include products that maintain hydration in the skin. Instead of relying primarily on oils to hydrate your dry skin, choose natural skincare ingredients that contain fatty acids. Oily skin skincare routines include ingredients that help keep excessive oil production in check. Using natural oils on your skin helps to balance your oil production and stops dryness. Traditional face cleansers are designed to strip away oil from the skin, but they often break down natural oils that the skin needs for balance. Most face masks recommend using a clay-based product, but this may sometimes strip your skin entirely of natural oils. Depending on your skin type (dry, oily, or combo), there are various cleansers you can use to make sure that you are not stripping the skin’s natural moisture. But, again, it depends on what cleaners you have used previously and how you wash your skin. If you want to take it one step further:
  1. Do a double cleanse using a water-based face wash after an oil cleanser to eliminate all leftover dirt and oil from the pores.
  2. Wash your face twice daily with a gentle cleanser to open up pores and cleanse the skin from excessive dirt/oil.
  3. If your skin feels dry after you wash, consider cleansing only once daily, at night, and simply rinsing your face with water in the morning – and then continue the rest of your skincare routine.
beauty Christmas gift setsWind-down routines cleanse your skin and feed it what it needs. Follow this daily routine to keep healthy, glowing skin on your face and neck. Drinking at least 8 cups of water, moisturizing your face every day, using DIY hair masks, eating lots of fruits and vegetables, and keeping your skin healthy will ensure that your skin stays glowing. Natural skincare products are designed to keep our skin healthier, brighter, and best-looking. This includes using natural ingredients in your pantry to cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish the skin daily. To eliminate impurities, deeply clean pores, and eliminate excess oils, use this Natural Skin Care Scrub. A gentle DIY sugar scrub or scrubby grains can be a way to boost your natural oils and gently get rid of dead skin. Soft cleansing grains, Micellar Water, or oils are balanced when cleaning up dead skin and grime. A gentle rub using sugar and olive oil can be massaged onto the skin in a gentle circular motion to eliminate any dead skin. Then, whether using a wipe or cleansing oil, pat the makeup remover on the eyes, face, and lips to melt away all the traces of makeup. After cleaning, you will want to run a toner-soaked cotton ball across your face to remove even more oils and dirt while tightening pores and restoring a pH balance in your skin. Swap out your old toner for one that is alcohol-free or natural, containing ingredients such as witch hazel and aloe to soothe irritated skin and open pores. For full-on glowy skin, seek products containing Salicylic Acid — typically both toners and cleansers — and use them once or twice weekly for exfoliation, pimple elimination, and, eventually, oily skin balance. If you are acne-prone, look for ingredients such as salicylic acid and tea tree oil to help you keep your skin looking and feeling clean. If you know someone who has an acne-prone face but is not oily, you will want to gift Sensitive Skin Facial Oil, which contains Vitamin E, which will help ease the skin’s healing process, include that in your beauty gift packs for Christmas this year. You can start with a swatch-worthy facial oil to get used to how it feels on your skin, then switch if you find that your skin could use more of a hydrating oil. While it sounds counterproductive, using oils to moisturize the face keeps oily skin balanced and moisturized without clogging pores and is excellent at healing troubled skin. You want a cleanser that contains hydrating ingredients and is safe for use with oilier types of skin. Overwashing your face can easily disrupt the pH of your skin and microbiome, which are vital for keeping skin healthy and clean. Over time, the skin produces less natural collagen and oils (sebum), so your best bet is to have a skincare routine that combats signs of aging and protects against damage. As you sleep, your skin goes through the renewal process, eliminating toxins and debris, and since you are not removing makeup or SPF, you need a gentle, gentle cleanser. A simple routine of hydrating the body after showering or bathing with light lotion or herbal-infused body oil is a daily practice that will keep the skin moisturized and fed, stimulating circulation and supporting the nervous system. Essentially, you are cleaning out your pores of dirt and bacteria naturally, gently, and effectively, replacing clogged oils with helpful oils that may heal, protect, and nourish your skin. Many of my DIY Natural Skin Care recipes are based around coconut oil, but if coconut oil does not work for your skin type, you can sometimes substitute it for another oil (like the carrier oils I listed by skin type above). Also, if it does not work on the face, you might still enjoy it in products used on the body.
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