Coles massive price drops hits the shelves


Coles is lowering the purchase price of over 300 products and adding more particular brand and bulk offerings as part of a refreshed value strategy.

The cost cuts cover a broad assortment of supermarket categories from the bakery to the meat department, with a massive investment in lowering the purchase price of poultry, the number one dinner choice for clients.

Following in the footsteps of US giant Costco, Coles is introducing large value packs of essential items such as tomato sauce, olive oil and rice, coffee, tea, and adding hundreds of new Coles brand products.

The supermarket giant said that this is its primary investment in value in recent years and is aimed at reducing the price of mealtimes for clients.

Speaking at the Australian Food and Grocery conference Woolworths’ manager of purchasing, Peter McNamara, emphasized the value of “value beyond cost”, stating that clients want to feel like they are getting the best price and that they can trust this is what they’re getting from the merchant.

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