The Best Types Of Cigars In The World


Despite its reputation of having unhealthy effects towards the body, revenue in the cigars promises a 3.1% annual growth beginning 2020 all the way 2025. Analysis by had projected that this is unexpected compared to alcohol and tobacco, being known for its potential for further growth in the market. Due to the pandemic, demand for it went down, yet people are willing to indulge on the occasional binging.


While preferences remain subjective, this list is formed based on a cigar’s quality in terms of manufacturing, handling, and distribution.



An all-time Dominican, best due to its 170-year-old experience in the business, which began from Cuba. Don’t be misled by its natural colour since it owns full strength in terms of flavour and blend. Thanks to its Cameroon wrappers making it ready to satisfy even the most discriminating palates.



To say that it is one of the best means it was not only manufactured with care and expertise but also with passion. Owning a colour Maduro, this full-strength cigar continuously outshines any cigar out there because it uses rare Brazilian leaves, that is sure to craft a vibrant. It establishes a reputable status sealed with their wide ring gauges.



No humidor holds no Monte Cristo cigar. For its careful, handcrafted appeal at the Tabacalera de Garcia factory, it became the basis for almost all premium cigars. Before getting the premium label, it should pass the manufacturing standards of Monte Cristo. Its quality cigars had won even the pickiest of cigar enthusiasts, and by a reputation that always exceeds a critic’s expectation, it had established its rich history.



Beginning in 1875, reading the year itself may just say it all, but its affordability despite its flavour and quality makes it, even more, heeded as worthy of an investment. As it lets all cigar fans indulge on the luxurious feel of smoking a cigar, it becomes a witness to ideas, growth and evolution of both men and women. Quality Romeo and Juliet cigars are medium based to conform to varied preference, reason, and persuasion of every smoker.



No best list would miss out on Padron, a brand that had imitators 24/7, always aiming to adapt for their own. It all began in 1964, its leaves’ full-strength Nicaraguan cigar flavours to its tobacco seeds grown to a minimum of 2 years and a half before rolling it patiently. Considering your personal preference as to whether you like it wrapped in Natural or Maduro wrappers, each cigar comes box-pressed. Note how rich a Padron is through the noticeable coffee, and cocoa bean flavour with an earthy spice revealed as it gets lit. Also, its relaxing smoke is both opulent and one-of-a-kind flavour-wise. Whether you’re a smoke critic, or a humble indulgent, considering this spectrum of likes and different kinds of cigar experience, a Padron belongs to a collector’s humidor.


In older times, cigar spoke highly of people’s status. Those who can hang out for one can establish himself as somebody who’s up for discussion, one who may have a say on things and whose opinion could be significant. Nowadays, people smoke cigars to relax, have a conversation, and to complement a glass of brandy at hand. The variety of flavours tickle some, while some think that experiencing a country’s tobacco is knowing how rich one culture had become through the years.

COVID-19, made a lot of smokers lay low from this vice. Or even quit, which makes this product sought-after more than it ever was from before. With predictions of an increase in revenue for the cigar market, it might just get justified since psychologically, people think smoking a cigar is good enough to do for fun and not habitually.

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