Light Eyes and Black Contacts

Light Coloured Eyes and Black Contacts

It is no surprise that people crave for what they don’t have. People with straight hair usually prefer permed hair. Asians and middle-east countries, whose majority is brown-skinned, go crazy in buying whitening products according to The South China Morning Post. And, the industry size report covering 2018-2024 of the Cosmetic Contact Lens Market Share mentioned an expected increase of 6.4-7% by the end of 2024. While more colours were made and released to comply with consumers’ demand to look like their idol celebrities and Hollywood blockbuster icons, why do people with light-coloured eyes choose black contact lenses?

Here are some reasons why:

For cosmetic purposes

Cosmetic contact lenses vary in colour. They offer solid coloured lenses, even fantasy ones. Depending on what the occasion is, most customers buy coloured contact lenses when dressing up. Whether it’s for a costume party or role-playing, one usually goes for a pair that will transform their look. And the usual mentality goes: it has to be a total transformation to succeed. So to go to extraordinary means, choose a pair of black contacts for the bright-eyed people.

For a change

There are those people who would want to change the way they look. They dye their hair, have a complete overhaul of wardrobe or, they try different kinds of fashion. And this doesn’t exempt contact lenses. While it’s fun to discover how you’d look like having blue eyes, it’s also fun to know if you could pull the look. For the light-blue eyed ones, they rediscover themselves by choosing a darker pair to see if it would put a drastic outlook.

Light Coloured Eyes and Black Contact Lenses

To aid in light sensitivity

Nowadays, coloured lenses are known to help patients who have different eye conditions. Photophobia, retinal dystrophies, reading difficulties, migraines, oscillopsia, and other visual changes that involve the vestibule are now manageable. In the US, the Food and Drug Administration cleared The Acuvue Oasys Contact Lenses to be the first contact lenses that can rule out light sensitivity through its advanced technology. The contact lenses’ Transitions Light Intelligent Technology has an additive that would respond to bright light and would darken the lenses appropriately protecting the eyes from too much light entering the pupils.

To be taken more seriously

Dark-eyed people are, most often, noted as a more timid type. Many account the colour’s depth. The darker one’s eye colour is, the more they are found mysterious. In the corporate world, the ones whose eyes are dark-hued are usually the most agreeable, perceived as effective in teamwork. People see them easy to relate. Because of this, they become suitable leaders because they establish trust with their subordinates in no time. So, people who take their careers seriously would somehow want to embody this quality. And this may not just be in the corporate setting. For the light-coloured eyes that are taking the role of an educator, superior, or a public speaker, they enhance their capabilities by wearing dark contact lenses.

It is good to know that there are significant purposes behind coloured contact lenses being just for cosmetic usages. But with the enhancement it gives, complimenting one’s hair colour and personality, wearing contact lenses once in a while, surprising our friends and loved ones with a new look, could be a great leap to what may have been there all along. That ability to come home to the real you afterwards. And if you’d ever get fond of the new change that comes with it, it’s just that you may have been neglecting yourself for a long time. So embrace the rediscovery that comes with it, outside looking in.

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