Marvel Costumes with Contacts

Marvel Costume with Contacts

In the final segment of  Marvel avengers, it broke records after record on its first week itself.  The end game hype spread like a fire in a jungle, and everybody enjoyed the movie for the love of the marvel characters.

Fans from worldwide were obsessed with the marvel characters suits and costumes and various gossip about the suit’s future designs. After a year of endgame, people still have Endgame cosplay on their minds. And now, Halloween is fast approaching.

Here are some of the classic appearances from across the Avengers series that will make you a hot item at any Halloween party. Don’t forget to put in your Halloween eye contacts to complete the Avenger appearance!

Princess Shuri from Black panther – Neo Dali premium brown coloured contact lens

Striving to be a showstopper at a costume theme party? Looking for ideas for an out related to Marvel character?

Well, nobody can beat the fabulous Princess Shuri costume. Princess Shuri costume is characterised by white-dotted patterns painted all over her face, and purple eyeshadow applied in a beautiful style right above her eyes.

At last, take your costume game up a notch with deep dark brown contacts for a natural princess Shuri look. Those deep dark brown eyes were sharp, edgy, and powerful. Apply the NEO Dali Premium Brown lenses for a striking look and make a bold statement.

Marvel Costumes with Contacts Blue Eyes

THOR – royal vision velvet blue coloured contact lens

Our hunky yet powerful and the all mighty lord of thunder, THE THOR can last an impression on your mates that will be remembered till years.

The character stole millions of people’s hearts for his great power and kind heart, and charming appearance. His electro blue eyes were so deep and stunning that we all have starred in them at one point in time. Thor’s costume is an easy yes to impress the people around you.

For the Thor look, one may need armour, a red cape, and a hammer as Thor’s signature weapon to match the look properly. Style your hair or long as per your preference but don’t forget to finish the look with those electric blue coloured eyes.

Thor’s blue eye look can be finished with royal vision velvet blue contacts to complete the look. Or for a slightly darker blue tone for creating the intense look, choose to apply the GEO Blenz Chic Blue contact lens.

MANTIS – Geo extra magic black coloured contact lens

Mantis’s character in the Marvel Avengers movie has always been subtle. Her naive characteristics always gave a fascinating yet empathic vibe. I bet everyone admires mantis for her cute yet straightforward looks.

To create a Mantis look, one might need to make her alien appearance by attaching an antenna to a headband and wearing it naturally. The Mantis character does not need many make-up or trendy accessories. She always had a no make-up make-up look throughout the marvel series.

Don’t forget to finish the look with creating those big beautiful black eyes. For her eyes, choose black contact lenses with a massive diameter to create the big eye look. Maybe add your falsies or big lashes, put some mascara on, and you are good to go.

Mantis’ big black eyes were like black holes in which anybody would happily get lost. The fine and sharp black coloured eyes lens that could perfectly suit mantis look are GEO XTRA Forest Black or the GEO Extra Magic Black.



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