Many Types of Cranes


Cranes are huge and heavy machines that use pulleys and cables to lift, lower and move heavy materials. Cranes are mostly used at construction sites and are a vital asset and an essential part of construction processes.


Types of cranes 


There are many types of cranes, and each crane is responsible for doing specific tasks. This depends on the features of the crane. Many cranes are named differently in various parts of the world. Here is a list of the most commonly used cranes at a construction site:


Tower cranes are mostly used to construct high buildings because these cranes have exceptional lifting capabilities. They help workers lift the heavy materials and place them at the height of the building as lifting these materials would be impossible for the workers. This is the reason that tower cranes are fixed in concrete based floors. It prevents the crane from moving or shaking while lifting the heavy materials.


Aerial cranes are used when it becomes impossible for land cranes to reach the targeted place or height. The aerial crane is also known as the sky crane in which the crane is attached to a helicopter that moves the heavy materials to an otherwise unreachable height of the building. These cranes are used for rescue purposes as well. However, these cranes are difficult to handle and are quite expensive. Moreover, overloading aerial cranes can be risky and sometimes can lead to serious situations.


Railroad cranes are used for the construction, repair, and maintenance of railway tracks. These cranes cannot travel on the road and are only devoted to various railway tracks. Railroad cranes use the tracks to move which makes it safe for use.


Floating cranes are huge ships that have cranes that are used for the construction of ports and overhead bridges above the sea. These cranes are also capable of lifting heavy materials and can also load and unload the ships. Floating cranes are also used to bring out sunken ships and marines from the base of the sea.



Crawler cranes use a tack to move; this is the reason that it can move on any kind of surface of the earth, whether it is soft or an even surface because the crane has crawlers under it. However, it cannot be moved easily from one place to another, as it is a heavy-weight and moves very slowly.


The rough terrain crane is used in the construction of roads. This crane is a type of mounted crane that is built upon four rubber tires and uses outriggers to stabilise the crane during the task being carried out. The rough terrain crane has only one engine, which is used for both the crane and undercarriage.


The level luffing crane contains a hinged jib that moves up and down, but the hook remains at the same level. This is commonly used for loading and unloading. However, it takes a lot of time to perform the tasks of moving and lifting which will slow-down the construction process.


The telescope crane contains a large boom, which has several tubes inside one another. These tubes use a hydraulic mechanism to extend outwards. This crane is mostly used for rescue operations, constructing towers and lifting the boats. However, telescope cranes are not usually mobile cranes.


There are many other types of cranes, as well, that perform different tasks. In a world where mankind is constantly developing tall buildings, cranes prove to be very beneficial in the construction sector of development and building. Crane hire companies are an excellent resource for construction processes as they are highly skilled.


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