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Whale Mouse has been superseded by the new switch mouse please order switch mouse or call to check availability

Whale Mouse

Ergonomically designed to fit your hand by uniquely adjustable palm rest to suit most hand sizes and hence reduce the discomfort of mouse use, compared to a conventional mouse.

Contoured flatter shape adjusts for maximum comfort with built in palm support that moves with your mouse, unlike a static palm support.

Easily adjustable by upto 38mm and is ambidextrous for both right hand and left hand users.

A new safer way to mouse for all

Third button for custom programming.
IBM PS2 and Mac compatable with PS/2 or USB Connections.

Price Guide:


£ Unit Price 1-4 (+vat)

£ Unit Price 5-9 (+vat)

£ Unit Price 10+ (+vat)

Whale Mouse




To find out how the Ergonomic Whale Mouse can help you, call us on +44 (0) 1993 881912 or use the Enquiry Form, or to buy on-line click here.
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